After learning and enjoying baking as a young girl, I began cake decorating as a hobby in 1981. Throughout the years I have created and designed cakes for all occasions with wedding and anniversary cakes blossoming as my specialty. Over the years I have developed a true passion for the design of wedding cakes. Many hours are devoted to the intricate detailing of each and every one of my wedding cake creations. Knowing you had a special part of making someone's celebration extra special makes you feel quite proud of your accomplishments.

Over time, I have perfected my baking skills and decorating techniques in a variety of ways. All of which were inspired from my grandmother's recipes, my moms' patience and guidance while learning "the tricks of the baking trade", my father's praise, and a very special aunt who guided me through my first wedding cake for my brother many years ago.

Although many of my skills have been self-taught, I constantly research and keep up with the modern techniques and trends of wedding cake decorating and design. I have completed training and received certification from the McCall's School of Cake Decoration in Toronto in professional advanced decorating dechniques, in the creation of handcrafted edible sugarpaste flowers, and most recently in swiss chocolate techniques. I have also self-adapted decorating techniques from the United Kingdom and Australia. I am continuously researching for new recipes and techniques to offer today's bridal couple. I am always up to a challenge in cake design and am surely open to any of your suggestions or ideas you may have for the creation of your dream cake.

Although willing to ice and decorate the cakes "your grandmother" bakes, I also bake delectable cakes and dessert cakes for all occasions.

I'll be happy to consult with you to design a dream cake for your special occasion. If you have any questions as you go through my site, please contact me.

Thank you for visiting my web site today!
I look forward to sharing the excitement of your wedding day with you!

Sweet regards,

JoAnn Grant
Cake Confectioner
Certified Chocolatier